Thursday, 21 June 2012

#10 stay for a while...

it took so long to get here,
why not stay for a while
turn upside down
try a new style

tissue paper and cellophane collage by suzi poland

a slight shift of colour,
adding a hue,
after all where you’re from,
not everything is blue.

gesso and acrylic humpback whale by suzi poland

try simplifying things,
paring it back
blocking in colours
outlining in black

gouache and graphite dolphins by suzi poland

grab one more sheet of paper
just before you're done
really start playing
do something for fun

gesso, gouache, acrylic and ink mermaid by suzi poland

there's so much down here,
so many ways
now that you're here,
you could stay here for days


tomorrow we'll leave
it's time, we have to go
imagine if you'd never come
what you'd never know

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all images copyright suzi poland 2012


Yvonne said...

Hmm... Yes... That's what I'm doing :) Staying, savouring, getting proficient ;)
I LOVE all the different approaches to the 'sea art' you share here - beautiful work!

Beth Anne Maresca said...

Love your ocean's just lovely!

Suzanne said...

Love all the different artwork you have created to go with your beautiful poetic words. Love the colours in the humpback.