Thursday, 8 November 2012

Illustration Friday - shy

adjectiveI was painfully shybashfuldiffidentfarouchetimidsheepishreservedreticentintrovertedretiringself-effacingwithdrawntimorousmousy,nervousinsecureunconfidentinhibitedrepressedself-conscious,embarrassed. ANTONYMS confident.PHRASESshy away from she shied away from successflinch atdemur atrecoil at,hang back fromhave scruples abouthave misgivings abouthave qualms aboutbe chary ofbe diffident towardbe bashful aboutfight shy ofbalk at.
The very shy Mrs Fat by suzi poland

Sometimes, when I have no idea what to create next, I sit and draw whatever's right in front of me. Sometimes, when I am quiet things begin to happen, little characters appear. If I am lucky and I am not too pushy, they whisper their names to me. The day I drew my oil paints and brushes, Lily Lean and Mrs Fat came out to say a very shy "Hi".  Mrs Fat really is so shy, she needs it to be completely quiet and everyone to go away before she will come out. Until then, she likes to keep a lid on things.

studio sketches by suzi poland

I wish it wasn't so. I wish I could play with my paints every day of the year, tell everyone to go away and leave us alone. I wish it could just be them and me to play all day to make magical pictures. Pictures of places that shy people could go, where no one would ask them to be loud and noisy. Pictures that no one could buy to hang on their walls, magical pictures that only shy people could see. Imagine how beautiful that would be.

Are you shy too? I am sure if you are, you won't like leaving a comment. It's ok if you don't, we can keep it a secret between you and me. Maybe you could leave a message for Mrs Fat, and I'll pass it on. Maybe you could tell her, if you could hide away and play, what would you like to do all day?

Earlier this year I read the book "Quiet" after watching Susan Cain's TED Talk. It's a perfect read for shy people, quiet people, people who get a lot done. It's also a good read for noisy people, because more than likely someone near you is actually quite shy.


Shari Daniels said...

Love this. Painfully shy is my life prior to now. This book helped me realize that this is a good thing. :-))))

Suzanne said...

I used to be extremely shythat also changed for me over time. I like quiet and don't like crowds. I am an introvert and do my best when at home.

suzi poland said...

Wonderful comment, thank Shari.

suzi poland said...

Thank you Suzanne, I do hope you enjoy the book.

Becky in Burma said...

I should really buy that book; I saw the TED talk as well and was grateful for it. I loved how she talked about the fact that teachers now all make kids sit at round tables, in teams together. I would've been mortified if we were made to do that at school; actually, in Science, we had to sit at lab tables together and I hated it.

I really relate to this post and am grateful you wrote it. I love, love that you have little characters that come out to play when it's quiet. :)

Yvonne said...

LOVE the imagination in this post, and everything it conjures in my mind :) I have Susan Cain's book as well, and I've read chunks of it - and oh can I relate :) I love how she makes it alright to be with who you are - just to be :)
Is there a difference between shy and insecure? I've been insecure all my life, till pretty recently, quiet because I was afraid what I'd say would be silly or misinterpreted. Confidence comes with the years, I've learned, with time and a lot of long hard looks inside. I'm okay with who I am, mostly, these days. Shy isn't what I'd call myself. But I'll always be quiet at the edges.

suzi poland said...

Thank you for your lovely long comment Yvonne. I am glad you enjoyed this post. I am strangely quite fine with making mistakes, actually it makes me laugh a lot. It's the pressure to get it right all the time that get's me down. Who's pressuring me to get it right you may well ask, well of course you know the answer ... me! So now I just try to smile, because if I'm smiling I know I'm ok.

Yvonne said...

I totally notice that when you smile and laugh at mistakes, it becomes part of the flow of things, it suddenly doesn't seem to matter so much - it makes you human and all that entails :) But I'm not aware of this all the time - and when perfection matters, even if only to you, mistakes slip in and take on a seriousness all their own... Smile & know you're still okay, at the bottom of things - yes :) To be remembered & practised daily :)

Becky in Burma said...

Thank you for telling us about the book, Quiet. I remember watching that TED Talk some time ago. I will be looking out for that book.

I, too, am quite shy, so relate to what you wrote about here. Thank you so much. <3