Friday, 16 November 2012

Illustration Friday - Tree

The tree is one of the most universal symbols of life. Sprouting from seed, they grow soft with fleshy leaves, growing upwards until strong and hard, spreading out branches full of leaves, each year flowering, fruiting and letting leaves go, to fall at it's base nourishing it's own growth.

I worked with trees for many years as a Landscape Architect, designing them in rows, as screens and as features in gardens, in streets and in parks or in bushland regeneration. Drawing them in plan and sometimes in elevation. 

Now as an artist I like to draw them as metaphor like this one above. It's part of a poem I wrote for my mother when my brother died at the start of last year. A poem about seasons and natures order in things. A poem I still want to make into a zine made out of paper sourced from trees.

Trees bring us life as food, as medicine and as products to build houses, frames for canvases and so much more. They are also great fun to climb in as kids like I was lucky enough to be allowed to do. Sometimes though, they come crashing down in storms as one did several years ago onto our house, right where I was standing! 

Here, it is springtime and outside my studio in the treetops as I get ready for my OPEN STUDIO this Saturday, the Jacaranda trees are in glorious purple bloom. Here's a location photo if you're trying to find my studio in the trees. 

There are so many beautiful trees, I wonder which is your favourite one? 


Amna Mehwish Art and Illustrations said...

That's a very interesting take on Tree :) An autumn it :)

Suzanne said...

Suzi, such a beautiful blog post. Love how you share about trees and their meanings in life. What a lovely purple tree. I never would have guessed that blooms could have been such a beautiful colour. I would love to invite you at my home to re-design my landscaping that's already 20 years old. :)
You have incredible landscape designing skills.