Friday, 29 March 2013

Illustration Friday - Swim

Wave Heart by suzi poland
Wave Heart, a photo by suzi poland on Flickr.

Here is my entry to Illustration Friday's theme "Swim".

It's Good Friday here and the weather is still good for swimming. There's a month to go until the flags come down, but the water is getting cooler and the space between swims will get longer. Some brave hearts around here swim all year around. Not me, I look forward to some time inside, inside my home, inside my heart. 

Our hearts too need to learn to swim. From when we begin, they swim in the ocean of love. Sometimes the waves are big, sometimes, they are small. Sometimes they are so big we need rescuing. Sometimes they so small, there's none at all and we risk becoming becalmed and getting bored. Sometimes, when the waves are perfect, it feels so good, it's magic and we could swim on for days.

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