Friday, 30 August 2013

Illustration Friday - Lush

I love Illustration Friday. I especially love it when it comes up with words that inspire and relate to what I am doing right now. I love it too because sometimes, I don't really feel like writing and sharing an image can say it all.

Next week I am off again to the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland, where I hope to do more sketches like this in my sketchbooks. Sometimes, the sketches I do on location are complete in themselves, other times they become reference for me when I am painting, drawing and dreaming.

Do you have a favourite place to go that is LUSH?

If you have time, I'd love you to take a look at my entries to Illustration Friday including Jungle which was influenced by this sketch. The whole page from my sketchbook can be seen on my facebook page.


Suzanne said...

So lovely Suzi. Enjoy your getaway.

suzi poland said...

Thank you Suzanne, it was lovely.